Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hi there,

Summer is here but today it was raining almost all day..not fun. I woke up early to enter my cake into the Marin County Fair competition because I needed my sister to drive me there. I made a Knitting basket for the competition inspired by the tutorial by cake journal. I weaved a basket instead of using the basket weave embosser and I added a pair of scissors. Here are the pictures, my kids really want me to win...
We will be going to the fair this weekend and my kids are really looking forward to it, they love going to the Fair because they can play all the rides all day.

Last Sunday, my youngest son, Seamus really wanted to sell Lemonade at the Stern Grove Festival.  I helped him make fresh homemade Lemonade and get all the stuff ready on his wagon. Then we walked to the Grove. It was so crowded down there and we were very lucky to have a lot of customers that day. He was so happy. He was shy at the beginning, but he tried to be polite and ask the people there if they wanted to buy his Lemonade. He said he will do it again next week. So proud of him .

My son with his Lemonade wagon.

The crowd at Stern Grove Festival

Sunday, June 5, 2011


 It’s June already, we haven’t  seen a lot of sun. Still more rain to come according to the weather  forecast.  We have been busy the last couple weeks, we are going to sell the house and  move to a new place where my husband job take us to.  We have open houses  two times a week, and we have to keep the house clean all the time. I hope this will be over soon.
I want to talk about  “Friendship”.  I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I had a lot of friends there and I love making new friends. My parent always said it’s easy to make enemies but hard to make friends. It’s true, since I moved here in San Francisco after we got married in 1997, it was hard for me to make friends in here.  Maybe because I didn’t grow up here.  I have tried and tried, and it seems like I have no luck finding a true friend. Anyway,  I am lucky that my friends back in Jakarta still care about me and we still keep in touch on a daily basis. I have  group chats with my friends from High School and college on my blackberry messenger. They keep updating me about everything going on in Jakarta.  Sometimes, a lot of jokes will crack me up and make me so happy. I have a lot of friends who cares for me and love me very much. It was not easy to find a good and loyal friend, and I am so thankful  that my friends always there for me. Some people said when you leave apart  then your friendship will grow apart  too..., I’m glad that hasn't happened to me.
However, sometimes there are friends who take advantage of your friendship. They only come to you when they need you and only think about themselves. I’m so glad I don’t have a friend like that. We always care for each other. So, if you really love your friend and care about them, show them that you love them, if you never meet them for a long time, send her a note, say Hi, or pick up the phone and call them, maybe they need you.

Anyway, I want to share with you a cake that I made for one of my clients. Her daughter graduated from middle school. Here is the cake :

Since next week is the last day of school, I was thinking about making something for the teachers, and I saw this project at :, Crayon Monograms. Look what I made for Mrs. Conti and Mrs. Chiarani. I hope they will like it.

One for  Mrs. Conti and the other one for Mrs. Chiarani

Enjoy your Sunday...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's day...

Hi. there,

It's May already and we will be celebrating Mother's day this Sunday. I am from Indonesia and my husband is from America. He was born and raised in San Francisco. His family is Irish American, and that's why all my kids have an Irish names. In Indonesia, mother's day is in December 22, and usually during that time all the moms will have a day off while the Dads take over all the moms duties. Nice huh?...

I made couple of totes (revisable tote) for charity. I really want to help the kids in Indonesia who got effected by the Mount Merapi eruption, and I don't know how to get donation besides selling these tote. I'm so happy that I have a good response and also by using this bag I will be helping in saving in our environment. Here are the pictures of the bags, the blue one is the favorite, I have to make it over and over, because people love the blue bag.

I promised my daughter that I would make her a Doll quilt for her American Girl doll, and when I went to Borders, I saw this magazine called 101 Projects Patchwork Quilts . It is a very good magazine, with a lot of good stuff to make, you should grab one. So, I made this Doll Quilt and a small pillow to go with the quilt. I think it is very cute...

the back

Happy Mother's day everyone....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DS Quilt Collection

I have been reading from other bloggers about Denyse Schmidt fabric that is out and available at JoAnns. I love Jo Anns store, it's like a candy shop to me. I can stay there for hours looking for fabrics, books, , and other art and craft items. I decided to go there and check it out. They have almost all the collections, but I only have a couple for now. It was $. 9.99/yard and if you have a coupon you can get 50% off for one yard of fabric, not bad at all. If you want your own DS Quilts Collection, go to Little Bluebell, she is having a giveaway for all 21 prints (fat quarters). Hurry, head to her blog and leave a comment.

Some of DS Quilt Collections
I would like to say thank you to my friend Anabella from Life's Rich Pattern, she nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award . I'm so honored and very flattered that she did that for me. I love her blog because she encouraged me to finish my first quilt. Look at me now...I'm about to finish my third quilt.
Here are the pictures of my third quilt that I'm still working on it, I have to make more blocks..and this quilt is for my daughter. She is very excited and can't wait to see the end result.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My second quilt, finally!...

Finally, my second quilt is finished. I'm quiet happy with the result, and I think turn out pretty good. Now, I've gained confidence and want to try different shapes such as triangles or hexagons. I will start with my sherbet pips, and still looking for pattern that I like and color combination as well. 
So, here is the pictures...

the back of the quilt

I added some hand stitches at the border

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cakes and quilt

I got a call from a woman who wanted to order a cake for her friend's baby shower. She was an easy customer, she let me decide what to do with the cake and she handed the invitation to me. On the invitation there was a pea pod baby, so I was thinking of doing a pea pod theme with some ideas from a pink cake box too.  And here is the cake... I love this cake, the baby turned out very cute and I wanted it to be perfect, so I made it flawless...I'm happy with the result.

The butterfly cupcakes were for my son's teacher's birthday. He told me that his classmate planned a surprise birthday party for their teacher, so they decided to surprise her with red velvet cupcake and the colorful butterflies.

When I was browsing for a tote pattern at Etsy, I found a very cute pattern from Ali Foster Pattern. So I bought the pattern and used the fabrics that I bought from Joan. Here is the tote... What do you think ?
Ali has some patterns on sale, and the instructions and pictures are very clear.  I had hoped I could share the pattern with you, but I have to respect her policy...
I'm thinking of selling it to find money for Kids in Java who were the victims of the Mount Merapi Erruption last October.

I made a mistake on the handle but I will fix it on the next one..Promise!

And finally my sherbet pips are here... I bought it on ebay, so cheap! I won the bid for 2 charm packs for $. 14.25...Yay.. I will make another quilt after I'm done with my second quilt. I know....I know... I kept talking about finishing my second quilt. I will finish it before Wednesday.
My Sherbet Pips...

O another note, please donate to the Red Cross and help the people in Japan.. my prayers go to all the people in Japan who were effected by the Tsunami. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm back...

I have a cake order, a Christian Louboutin Shoe and I'm having a hard time with the shoe because of the wet weather in San Francisco. It took a long time for the shoe to dry, and it made me nervous. Finally, the shoe dried along with the other accessories too, and here are the pictures of the cake. I hope the woman who ordered the cake likes it.

The next cake is a surprise birthday cake for my youngest son's teacher. The kids plan to surprise their lovely teacher without asking the parents. They just assigned me to make red velvet cupcakes with butterflies. I'm thinking of make another cake for her after I saw the cake from Natasha. I asked her if I can use her design and she said yes..yay...!

I put my first quilt picture on my facebook and I was so surprised with the comments...everyone loved my quilt
I'm so excited and I can't wait to finish my second quilt. By the way, did you know that Sherbet Pips fabrics are out already ? I just bought one from ebay, and I can't wait to make a quilt out of it.

Have you ever won a giveaway ? I  have finally won one...a Duchess Necklace from Lia Sophia.  When I received the email about it, I was so happy ... I got a chance to choose the jewelry that I wanted from the collections, so I chose the Duchess Necklace, I think it's beautiful. I will take a picture when I get the necklace.

Have a nice weekend everyone... 

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