Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recipes for Life

I went to Papyrus yesterday and they giveaway this note. I think this note is beautiful and I want to share it with you...

A Mother's Love : a recipe inspired by mother

Ingredients :
1 pound of unconditional love
1 bunch of affection
3 tablespoons of trust
1 handful of timeless memories
2 drops of examples to follow
2 cups of patience
1 pinch of laughter and tears
1 dash of sleepless nights

Season with :
Creativity, intuition, tenderness and dedication

Preparation :
. To be a mother is the greatest gift a woman can have.
She makes an imprint on our hearts and becomes an example to follow. Mother is the noblest title on earth
. Invincible warrior.
She dedicates her soul to make sure that her children have
everything they need; she is the freind who never have to tell we
are hurting, sad or worried; she already knows.
. Mother is the one who can ground us with roots,and yet is able to give us the wings to fly.
She makes us feel like the most exceptional and precious person
in the world. She holds our hand and protects our heart.
. Dedicates her life and soul.
She ignores her weariness and her pains; she soothes our sorrows,
cures our woes and rejoices in our success.

I love you, Mom!...


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