Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our friend, Kathy has been so nice. She took our kids to Santa Rosa to their summer house until Thursday... so I can relax a little bit and keep posting  the pictures of my cakes.....Thank you Kathy.  My next pictures will be the Sponge Bob Cake...This cake was for Peter, he loves Sponge Bob and Darres (his mother ) want to surprise him with this cake. And he loved the cake...

Across from our house, there is a house for old folks, and once in a while, my kids will go and visit them and read to them.  They are so happy when the kids come over, so I decided to make this Daisy Cake for them.
It took forever to make the daisies, but I was happy with the result. It was a beautiful cake and I think the cake will be nice  for Mother's Day too. So, here is the picture :

My niece graduated from middle school last May, and she told me that she wanted a Hot Air Baloon Cake for her graduation party. I was so nervous at first when she told me about  the Hot Air Baloon... How could I do  a Hot Air Baloon cake ?..., but my husband always believed that I could do it. So, I did it.. and she loved the cake, exactly the same as her design.

Wow, did you realize that I have been making a lot of cakes ? Feels really good to know that my skills have improved. I got challenged from the people who ordered my cakes.  Here is another example of the challenges that I have received.This girl loved the Bobby Jack  Monkey. To be honest, I never heard about it before, so I had to google it to get more information and pictures about this monkey. I didn't have the stufffed animal to carve the monkey, and I had to go to youtube and look there. What a challenge...
The color were also requested by the girl,  lots of yellow and purple...

I really have to stop writing now.., I have to start working on my cakes....will write again tomorrow.  And more cake pictures too tomorrow.



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