Sunday, August 22, 2010

Around San Francisco Part I

Before we got married,   about twenty five years ago, my  husband had a  room mate named Patsy. They used to live on a street called Haight Street, and then Patsy moved  and  lived in Washington DC. Patsy came and visited us  with her husband, Pete and their teenaged kids (Charlotte, and the twins,  Holly and Henry). This trip showed their kids all the places she lived in San Francisco, they also saw where she used to work and where her husband went to school which bringing back their memories. First we went to Fisherman's Wharf, and made a stop at Musee Mecanique, where Pete used to spend time and fall in love with this place. This place is pretty cool, a lot of antique coin operated games such as the "player piano" where you put a coin in and pick a song. The old piano will play that song for you..,here is a picture of a coin-operated old lady laughing so loud. She was very funny

In front of the Musee Mecanique
The laughing lady..

After Musee Mechanique, we went to Ghiradelli Square to have ice cream and chocolate milk shakes.. really good, very rich chocolate flavours.

 Ghiradelli Square
The next stop was the Academy of Science, if you've never been there, you should go there. It's like the whole universe in one roof , an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum and more. My kids love this place, we took a couple trips to this place.

At the Academy of Science San Francisco
The next day, we went to The San Francisco Art Institue where Pete took his Master's Degree. He show us the campus, pretty cool. The campus is located at 800 Chestnut St, and has a beautiful view. While we were there, they had an exhibition too.

Funny exhibition at the San Francisco Art Institue

The view from San Francisco Art Institue

Then Pete told us that he wanted to make a stop at a Pizza place called Golden Boy Pizza. He said that he always went to this place after school. Guess what... the pizza was really good, the best pizza I've ever had.
Golden Boy Pizza

Look at the line to get the pizza.
Yummy Pizza...
Since we were close to Chinatown, we decided to make a stop at the fortune cookie factory. It was a small factory, and very crowded. If you want to take a picture of the woman who made the fortune cookie, you had to pay 50 cents. She won't let you take the picture unless you put 50 cent on the coin box.. So, I put 50 cent, and here is the picture

At the fortune cookie factory
It was a fun day..., kids really had fun and enjoyed the time we had with the Herzfeld's family!


Dewi Hasan said...

Sounds like fun! Banyak yang bisa diliat & dikelilingin di SF ya Ning...

Nadilah Sungkar Magee said...

Wi, kalau kesini harus coba Golden Boy good.

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