Monday, August 23, 2010

Around San Francisco Part II

It was Sunday, and we decided to go the Exploratorium, the museum of science ,art, and human perception. What I liked about the exploratorium was that the building was so unique.. and also romantic. There is a lake full of ducks. It was very beautiful.

Exploratorium, beautiful place...
If your kids love science, this place is a heaven, a lot of fun stuff to do and experiment. They will stay here all day trying all the exciting experiment.

Next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge, the icon of San Francisco. It would be like not staying in San Francisco if you didn't make a stop at Golden Gate Bridge. As always, the weather was so cold and windy...

Golden Gate Bridge

Patsy & family

Patsy wanted to show her kids the apartment that she shared with my husband, it was on Haight Street, near Alamo Park. While they were checking the apartment, I was taking pictures of this Victorian houses. A row of Victorian houses facing the park on Steiner Street, known as the "Painted Ladies", are often shown in the foreground of panoramic pictures of the city's downtown area. A number of movies, television shows and commercials have been filmed in or around Alamo Square. The opening sequence of the American sitcom Full House (1987–1995) features a romp in Alamo Square Park with the famous row of Victorians in the background.

Painted Lady
We end the trip with dinner at Vintecello restaurant... really good food. We were too excited and I forgot to take a picture of the food.. Again, it was fun to see the Herzfeld's family and hope to see you again soon..


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