Friday, February 11, 2011

My new toy

My husband bought me a sewing machine about 10 years ago, right after I had my daughter. When he bought it, it included a course on how to use the sewing machine. However, every time I came to the store with the baby in the basinet, I didn't have a chance to learn anything because my daughter always cried. So, I decided to take the course later.. after my baby was a little bit older and guess what!, until now, the sewing machine has still been inside the box. So, I decided to do something with it... First, find manual and try to figure out how to use the sewing machine. Lucky for me, I made it worked, but I still to had to go through the manual for other applications
I'm so glad that it finally worked because I want to do so many things with this machine. I have been looking for a place to learn quilting around San Francisco especially for beginners. I need someone who can guide me from start to finish. However, I had no luck, so I googled it and found a lots of blogs that can help you learn how to quilt. I had to keep searching until I found the answer, and most of the results were very useful.
This is the picture of my sewing machine.

my new toy and the manual

 If you have the same machine and want to share with me on how to use it, please feel free to email me
You can learn from youtube as well. A woman named Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company gave a free tutorial that was very useful and very clear. I'm so glad that I found her.
My first quilt is the Dresden Plate Quilt, I will show you when it's ready. Right now, It's still in progress..I will post the pictures tomorrow.


Dewi Hasan said...

Ning...di Jo-Ann bukannya bisa kursus?

Nadilah Sungkar Magee said...

Joan yang deket rumah gak ada kursusnya Wi..

Annabella said...

I am new to quilting too and absolutely love it! I recently completed my first quilt and as I had no machine at the time, completely hand quilted it, which took ages. I am completely self-taught and like you, have looked at tutorials on blogs and youtube....however, I also found the book Quilting for Dummies amazingly useful and would recommend you buy it. Good luck with the quilting!

Nadilah Sungkar Magee said...

Hi Annabella, thank you for your note. I will look for that book. I made progress little by little.., you should check my next post.

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