Sunday, June 5, 2011


 It’s June already, we haven’t  seen a lot of sun. Still more rain to come according to the weather  forecast.  We have been busy the last couple weeks, we are going to sell the house and  move to a new place where my husband job take us to.  We have open houses  two times a week, and we have to keep the house clean all the time. I hope this will be over soon.
I want to talk about  “Friendship”.  I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. I had a lot of friends there and I love making new friends. My parent always said it’s easy to make enemies but hard to make friends. It’s true, since I moved here in San Francisco after we got married in 1997, it was hard for me to make friends in here.  Maybe because I didn’t grow up here.  I have tried and tried, and it seems like I have no luck finding a true friend. Anyway,  I am lucky that my friends back in Jakarta still care about me and we still keep in touch on a daily basis. I have  group chats with my friends from High School and college on my blackberry messenger. They keep updating me about everything going on in Jakarta.  Sometimes, a lot of jokes will crack me up and make me so happy. I have a lot of friends who cares for me and love me very much. It was not easy to find a good and loyal friend, and I am so thankful  that my friends always there for me. Some people said when you leave apart  then your friendship will grow apart  too..., I’m glad that hasn't happened to me.
However, sometimes there are friends who take advantage of your friendship. They only come to you when they need you and only think about themselves. I’m so glad I don’t have a friend like that. We always care for each other. So, if you really love your friend and care about them, show them that you love them, if you never meet them for a long time, send her a note, say Hi, or pick up the phone and call them, maybe they need you.

Anyway, I want to share with you a cake that I made for one of my clients. Her daughter graduated from middle school. Here is the cake :

Since next week is the last day of school, I was thinking about making something for the teachers, and I saw this project at :, Crayon Monograms. Look what I made for Mrs. Conti and Mrs. Chiarani. I hope they will like it.

One for  Mrs. Conti and the other one for Mrs. Chiarani

Enjoy your Sunday...


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